Safari Experience at Bandhavgarh

Jungle Safari

While staying at Syna Tiger Resort - Bandhavgarh, explore the biodiversity of the tiger reserve and get acquainted with the contrasts and colours of nature. Meet the dwellers of the forest or walk along the trails with the innocent and interesting creatures. Bandhavgarh receives thousands of visitors every year. It is one of the most popular tiger reserve in India, but also one of the best preserved and managed parks. Due to its remote location, Bandhavgarh attracts passionate wildlifers. As with all parks today, the number of entry permits is restricted, so you rarely feel part of a crowd, even in the holiday season.

Bandhavgarh is open from 1st October to 30th June, closing for the monsoon.

20% of the tiger reserve is accessible for tourism. Access is permitted, by jeep, twice a day; morning and afternoon, except on Wednesday afternoons, Diwali and Holi. The reserve is divided into 6 tourist zones. You can visit one zone per safari. All zones have their own beauty and charm, and all have good opportunities for sightings.
Choice of zone depends on availability.


Full day 'photographer' permits are also available at a premium. Contact us for more info

Night Safari

Night drive safaris are essentially game drives that operate after dark, with the assistance of a very powerful spotlight. The typical procedure is that the afternoon game drive is interrupted for "sundowners" - cocktails to celebrate the spectacular sunset - after which guests continue on a night drive, arriving back at the resort in time for dinner.
The primary advantage of night drives is that they provide access to nocturnal species that are rarely seen during the day, such as civets, night jars. In some areas, the large cats are more active after dark, and there is a greater probability of seeing them hunt.


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