Khajuraho Temples

The Khajuraho Group of Monuments is a group of Hindu and Jain temples in Madhya Pradesh. They are one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. The temples are famous for their nagara-style architectural symbolism and their erotic sculptures..

    Panna National Park

    Situated 60 Kms from Khajuraho, there are no jeeps provided by the authorities, we will provide you with jeep for a Safari into the park. An hour long boat ride offered by the park authorities is a good option to catch a glimpse of water predators and other animals around the lake.

    Raneh Waterfall

    It is about 20 kilometres away from Khajuraho. The Ken river here runs through a narrow gorge of igneous rocks rich in Granite and Dolomite.

    Pandav Falls

    It is 35 kilometres from Khajuraho. The Pandav Falls is located on a tributary of the Ken River, as it plunges over the falls to join it.

    Ken Gharial Sanctuary

    A haven for enthusiastic nature explorers, here is another interesting wildlife place around 5 km north of Raneh Falls, Ken Gharial Sanctuary. This nature reserve in Khajuraho is another tourist hotspot that offers scenic sights of critically-endangered animal species.

    Ajaigarh Fort

    Ajaigarh was the capital of a princely state of the same name during the British Raj. A 2 hours drive from Khajuraho. Hovering high in the Vindhya Mountain Range is the Ajaigarh Fort. Approximately 206 meters in altitude, this fort offers breathtaking sight of the Ken river and Panna National Park.
    Gangau Dam

    At a distance of 29 km from Khajuraho and 50 km from Panna, Gangau Dam is a natural dam situated at the confluence of the Ken and Simiri rivers, in Madhya Pradesh. Situated inside the Panna Tiger Reserve, Gangau Dam is one of the popular picnic places for the people of Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh.